COVID 19 Policies and Procedures

The Management of Simford Welding Services have reviewed the risks involved with continuation of their manufacturing services and have implemented controls to mitigate the transfer of any infections.

  • An employee will only attend the Workshop or Sites if they cannot complete their job role from home.  Otherwise they must work from home.  
  • Flexible work arrangements to be implemented to avoid the number of staff in attendance at the same time. 
  • All employee contact details are to be maintained as up to date and accurate for quick contact tracing if required.  The list is located in  Sharepoint. 

The Employees who attend the Workshop or Sites of Simford Welding Services Pty Ltd must also be responsible to maintain the controls and in particular to follow safe distancing, personal hygiene and report any risks they identify.

Equipment, facilities, conditions at our Workshops

  • Our Workshop or Office abides with the regulations for maintaining the 1.5 metres social distancing requirements.
  • Cleaning is to be reviewed from weekly (Saturday) to determine if an extra day is required.  This will depend on activity. 
  • Staff to maintain a clean desk area.  
  • At a minimum, mid-week the high touch areas of keyboards, desks, handrails, welding equipment, door handles, light switches are to be cleaned with disinfectant or sanitsed wipes.   This could be completed by each employee within their designated area.    
  • The bathroom has been reviewed to confirm that sanitising is appropriate.  Additional hand sanitiser will be ‘stationed’ at the entrance to the buildings and key areas within the facilities.  
  • Lunchroom facilities will be minimised at the present time by scheduling flexible breaks.  
  • No sharing of PPE, tools, plant or equipment in the workshop is allowed unless the item is wiped down with sanitiser cloth.
  • Travel to our regular client Sites is to be maintained and to alleviate/minimise the necessity for staff to travel distances and out of lockdown areas or hotspots they are all only traveling to one site only and there are no switching sites daily.
  • Staff at client sites are to follow strict guidelines imposed by the client and report any concerns.  

Compliance with Social Distancing requirements 

  • Social distancing of 1.5 metre rule to apply within the workshop or office.
  • Signage at entry points and key points within the venue.  
  • At the entry point of workshop and office, a sanitiser will be available to use.  
  • No handshakes, high 5s or other forms of greeting/recognition.
  • Staff lunchrooms are to be accessed using flexible timeframes to avoid contact.
  • No travelling in company motor vehicles with other staff is allowed.    

Record Keeping

  • A record will be obtained of any person who attends the workplace as per current Company policy.   Staff timesheets contain a record of those who attend the workshop.  
  • This record will be kept for 56 days as per the guidelines.  
  • This record will be kept according to the Privacy Principles and not used for any other purposes other than for Covid19 compliance and tracing if required. 

Hygiene and Cleaning requirements 

  • Notices will be displayed in key areas.  Refer to Annexures.  
  • Hand soap and/or hand sanitiser and bacterial wipes will be available 
  • Bathroom notices will include that best practice is to wash hands and use the paper towel to dry their hands, to be used to wipe down the tap and door handle on exit.  Refer to Annexures.
  • Staff to wipe down handles or other touch area of any tools, plant or equipment before and after their use.


  • Staff will be advised by way of SMS, email, notice placed on the front door of the workshop or local communication channels of changes.
  • Staff advised to stay at home and/or seek medical help if they have signs or symptoms of cold, flu, Covid19 or are feeling unwell.  
  • If a person does become ill their medical practitioner will notify Victorian health. 
  • Management will identify the areas where the Covid19 staff member has frequented within their workplace and whom they have been in contact.  Staff will be advised and sent for testing. 

Monitoring of health and safety procedures

This Covid Safe Plan will be reviewed if:

  • The Victorian Government Department of Health advises.
  • A breach of the Plan is identified by management or staff member.