Simford has undertaken many plant relocation projects over the past 20 years. These include a milk spray dryer from Victoria to South Australia, a liquid bottling plant from inner Sydney to Western Sydney. Relocation projects are significantly different to installing new equipment on a new site or new area within a site.

From experience we have developed a process that we follow to achieve the best outcome from a time and cost perspective.  Typically the process includes equipment:

  • Identification and tagging with photography and drawing matching
  • Condition reporting (based on equipment age typically)
  • Compliance assessments
  • Isolation, disconnection 
  • Packing, loading and transportation
  • Servicing and or reconditioning
  • Upgrades to standards
  • Unloading and organisation of storage area
  • Installation at the new location 
  • Assembly and installation
  • Plant commissioning assistance


Compliance assessments

Upgrades to standards

Plant commissioning assistance

Servicing and or reconditioning