Simford Contracting

Simford Contracting provides labour and equipment to interstate or overseas OEM equipment suppliers to facilitate the installation of their systems.  

We offer both skilled and unskilled labour as well as specific specialised trades with a variety of licenses and training accreditations that are required for the works. Our personnel undertake a set of specific tasks as set out by the OEM’s installation supervisor.

  • Planning and preparation of the installation 
  • Providing cranage and  lifting equipment to unload shipping containers on site 
  • Preparing Safe Work Statements / Job Safety Analysis documentation
  • Complying with site permitting requirements
  • Installing and leveling the new equipment  into final location 
  • Assembling the equipment in accordance with the installation instructions 
  • Assisting with testing and commissioning activities 

For these clients we have offered shipping container de-stuffing,  contractor facilities, rubbish removal and site security together with specialist lifting equipment, crane support, forklifts, EWP, boom lifts and other hire equipment.

Recently Simford have supplied labour and equipment to assemble multiple filling and packaging lines togehter with an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) for a major supermarket chain.


Project team

lifting equipment

Assembling the equipment

Planning and preparation of the installation

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