Simford Group News

Yoghurt Factory Batching Plant

New Batching Plant for a yoghurt factory in Melbourne nearing completion.

Tundishes on Huge Brewery Manifolds

New Tundishes installed on Huge Brewery Manifolds.

Something Different - Houseboat Upgrades

Something different to the normal type of work we do... houseboat upgrades in Moama NSW.

Acid Tank Replacement

Out with the old in with new. Acid tank replacement.

38000 Litre Stainless Steel 316 Tank Fabrication

38,000 Litre Stainless Steel 316 Tank Fabricated for QLD Gealtine Factory.

Fish Oil Stainless Steel Plant Installation

Fish Oil stainless steel installation project completed.

Confined Space Deo Tower

Awesome effort in a horrible confined space over the last 4 days on these bellows in a Deo Tower.

Dakar Rally Sponsorship of Daniel Sanders

Dakar bike and race gear reveal 😍